do you like the person you've become?

Avery/Anael, 18, UK, NB, ESFP
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magic frog
me. madokakaname

you. madokakaname. did it make you happy to type that I hope it did ANYWAY holy shit you already said you’re excited to see me but i am So excited to see you holy shit i jsjtu. you’re such a good friend to me Always and every time you actually like idk.. sometimes you put me first and stuff in ways I don’t expect and it makes me cry so hard to have someone who cares about my well-being like you do I’m so glad you put up with me hoyl are also beautiful and powerful and perfect which is good bc so am I so Power Duo.. you’re probably one of my best friends ever and certainly one of my most important people in my life so I hope that hearing this makes you even a little bit happy!! because you deserve it!!!!!!